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Neil Larkin has a voracious appetite for business, property, success, happiness, health and wealth that aspires not only to make a living, but to make a difference. He strives to raise the bar every single day setting big audacious goals but most importantly taking massive action towards turning his dreams into reality. A thoughtful man of drive, ambition, a never give up attitude and passion for business, property and helping others. He believes everyone has a passion, person, calling, gift and he believes his gift is to help others achieve financial freedom through property, so they can find theirs.

Neil is willing to trade conformity for authenticity. There is no BS. He considers himself a contrarian, when everyone goes left, he looks right. He does the opposite to the masses. He believes if you are doing what everyone else is doing how can you make margin.

Being an entrepreneur Neil’s philosophy is to model other successful entrepreneurs. His current mentor is Sam Zell who sold his commercial property portfolio at the height of the property market just before the financial crisis of 2008 for £39B. A mantra Neil lives by now and got from Sam is “Liquidity = Value and you have no value if you have no liquidity”.


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Neil has a pretty good record in both business and property, however it’s not perfect. You can’t play at this level without some pretty big highs and lows.

He is probably best known for being the Scouse cheeky chappy from a council estate who started from zero and amassed north of a £10M diversified property portfolio from 2010 -2015, then lost it all and is on his way to having it all back and more in less than 12 short months.

He believes all successful businesses are driven by three fundamentals, one is cash flow, two is team and three is mission and vision. Neil visions for the future is to build a global luxury real estate super brand. To be renowned for its leadership in innovative property development with each new venture, raising the bar for luxury living through superior quality and locations.

Neil is constantly focusing on how he can be better and different from his competition. He believes in simple not complex and that the more complex, the less likely it is to be meritorious.

Neil does not settle for anything less than excellence. His number one passion is property and he personally believes it’s the best wealth-building vehicle on the planet. It’s a great vehicle to leverage other people’s time and money. Leverage is how David beat goliath and how Neil went from zero to north of a £10M property portfolio in just 5 short years. There is no such thing has get rich quick however it is a get rich quicker scheme with one caveat, you have to be willing to dream BIG, sacrifice, continue to learn and grow, work hard and never ever, ever give up.

He believes we can all achieve anything we want in life if we are willing to pay the price. One of his favourite quotes is “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t” Neil is so excited about the next chapter of his life, and he really does believe the rest of his life will be the best of his life, and he wants the same for every single one of you.

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